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The Common Ways:

7 Sneaky Tricks To Dumping Mulch Free

We all know this one as a good one, but how do you go about it?

You need THIS link saved on your phone or ipad for the road:

It's a complete list of Australia schools by area.

Call and ask to speak to the “grounds keeper” or “maintenance”. Let them know you have a job in their area and can give them X cubes free.

Shouldn’t take more than a hand full of calls to get a school needing mulch and willing to take it there and then.

April 21, 2015

June 27, 2016

Last updated         31 May 2017

The Best Marketing Strategy Of All Time

September 30, 2015

Most tree contractors don’t have a yard to store their mulch to sell on at a later date. 

With the cost of dumping at a waste station out of the question, it's becoming harder by the day to get rid of quality mulch. 

Here are a few creative ways to dump mulch FREE!

Turning More Quotes into Paying Customers

No. 1 Schools

April 23, 2015

No. 2 Landscape suppliers

Same as above, these guys are always looking for leaf litter mulch. You dump free and they sell on for a profit…. It’s a win, win. 

We don’t have a directory for you, but a quick google search for “ landscape materials/ suppliers” for your city will bring up an extensive list.

No. 3 Landscapers ALWAYS need mulch

This is overlooked way too often by tree contractors who could have a strategic alliance with 10 or 20 landscapers who are in constant need of leaf litter mulch.

Not only can you get rid of tonnes of mulch free, you can also score plenty of work out of it.

Company Name   

16 Street Name, City   

ABN 29 888 222 444   

“Dear JLR Landscapes,

"I'm a arborist who has been looking to work in with a quality landscaper such as yourself for a while.

I get asked occasionally about paving and retaining wall jobs after I remove a tree and I would love to recommend a quality operator.

Also if you have tree too big to handle or a problem stump when excavating, i'd love to help.

FREE MULCH: As you can imagine I also have an abundance of top quality leaf litter mulch that i'd be happy to deliver to you whenever you needed it.

It's save you paying for it from a landscape supplier and I'd be happy with just a little petrol money or to deliver FREE.

I have enclosed a few cards for your glove box. Please feel free to text or call me to chat about working together in the future"


Best regards

Your Name

Try this: Send a typed letter (see template below) with your card(s) in it letting them know you are happy to deliver leaf litter mulch (with good notice) for free to their job site at half the price they would pay in landscape suppliers. 

Or you could come in free and tell them to call you with any tree too big to handle.

No. 4 Land fill needed ads

The Not So Common Ways:

I had a great contact in western Sydney for dumping. They were a mine who were constantly looking for free land fill.

It was a 40 minute hike out there, but I could dump any type of mulch (including palm) free…it was worth the trip!! I only used it when I got stuck.

try this resource:

Place an ad for free landfill/mulch. You are sure to get some good contacts.

No. 5 Place an ad for free mulch on gumtree

If you have a look above, there are actually ads on gum tree now from people looking for mulch!

It always worth asking the customer if they want some mulch. They may not take it all, but a lot of the time they will lighten your load… Again free!

This is actually a big one that will win you point wit the customers and sper on word of mouth sales for yourself.

You can even ask you customer if they have any friends or family who would like some mulch delivered free!

No. 6 Mulch back to customer

No.7 Free Mulch To All

Sounds basic, but you will get a ton of texts. 

You take note of everyone who wants chip in your diary (after 3 or 4 days you will get quite a list), Then over the next weeks start delivering mulch to these people when you get stuck for a dump spot.

This is taking #5 to the next step. Why limit your free mulch to just your customers. The best way I used to get rid of mulch is to give it away free to everyone.

Make up a sign “Free Quality Woodchip For Your Garden – text Bill 0410 884 461 your address -Minimum 5 Cubic Meters” and stick it on the side of a busy road for a few days.

No. 8 Doing the rounds

Dumping palm logs is the achilles heel for all tree contractors and can cost several thousand each year just in tipping fees.

Dumping palm waste FREE

You have two options, council clean ups or green waste night.

We have all see the door-knocking tree loppers (usually kiwis God bless 'em but we wont just single them out).

They are actually quote clever!

They follow the council cleanups to they never have to worry about green waste.

Timing: The fact that they only do a few blocks at a time means it take them months and months to get through all areas they cover. Then when they do, it’s almost time to start again for the 2nd round (you get 2 clean ups per year in most cases). 

So these are going on ALL the time all over your city.

All you need to do is make a few calls to council(s) to find out where the current clean up is. 

So you are best just adding a couple of logs to each pile or waiting until the night before pickup day and adding a bulk to the smallest pile on the street. 

Green bin night: This one is by far the easiest. Wait until dark and put a couple of logs in each bin on the street (2 streets over of course). You can literally save $200 in a matter of minutes.

It becomes a little harder if you have just removed 15 cocas palms, but if you only have 2 or 3 it is the best strategy.

And there you have it, free and legal dumping of palm logs.

Yes it will take you a few calls to find out where the current council clean ups are, but we are talking a saving of several hundred dollars each time.

Hope this helps and share if you like it!

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